Autopilot is easy…you might say it is automatic.

Ever so subtly, nearly everything becomes a routine. The things and people that were once novel to us are now familiar and scheduled. Hobbies and activities that once thrilled us become less thrilling as we partake more often. I once heard Charles Stanley mention that in his early days of photography he excitedly and expectantly saved and planned for a new piece of equipment; however, as time passed, he found very little to look forward to obtaining because he now possessed everything he once longed for. He remarked that this was an eye-opening moment for him. The truth is, as time passes, we lose our thrill and vigor for just about everything in life.

Do you think our hunger and thirst for God is immune to this degradation of joy, hope, and pleasure?

I know you really want to say, “yes, my love and passion for God is immune from fading!”, but is it? Are you excited now for Christ as you were on the day you were baptized? Are you as enthusiastically serving Jesus as you once did? Do you fervently resist sin and pursue purity as you did when you first entered into a relationship with Christ? Are you as active in the church? Truthfully, our affections and devotions wane.

However, though our affection and devotion for Christ may wane, this does not mean that it cannot be revived! In Jeremiah 3:12-16, God calls His people to return to Him. Why? BECAUSE THEY CAN! Even if you find that your heart is not beating as strong for Christ as it once did, this does not mean that it cannot beat stronger than it ever has. Too often we beat ourselves up for our inability to live as vigorously for Christ as we once did when, in reality, we should use such knowledge as a motivation for running back to a passionate relationship with Christ. God’s call for us to return to Him is not intended for us to use it as a means to stare at our navels and ponder why we are terrible—it is intended for us to return!

My friends, allow me to invite you to return to a passionate relationship with God.

We begin our spiritual renewal emphasis for the month of October this Thursday (Oct. 1). Please come and join us as we seek the Lord together. If your love has grown a little cold, determine to warm it up into a blazing fire by seeking the face of our God with us. We will meet from 6-7pm every night in the month of October except Sunday. Our ambition is to lean into a vibrant relationship with Christ. Is it inconvenient? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Going to the gym is inconvenient and beneficial. Mowing the yard is inconvenient and satisfying. Disrupting an hour from our day for the month of October to worship is inconvenient—but it will be so worth it!

Let me encourage you to join us and stir your affections for Christ Jesus. I love you and look forward to worshiping with you!

In Christ,

Pastor Darin