Turn Your Eyes.

God is not a bystander on the world stage!

Man possess an immense tendency to think only of himself and his desires. When we survey the world in which we live, we view it through the perspective of human achievement, agendas, and failures. We elevate ourselves into stratospheres we neither belong to nor operate within. A humorous example of this is how we crown the NBA, MLB, and NFL champions as world champions! America’s professional sports teams did not compete against teams from across the Atlantic or Pacific… so how can we crown ourselves as “world champions”? I’ll tell you how, an over-inflated ego!

Our innate ability to inflate our opinion of ourselves and our significance is not limited to the games we play; rather, it parasitically introduces itself into every facet of our lives. We believe the next POTUS, Supreme Court Justice, or elected official will have extreme impact upon what we believe and who we are. We think the next raise, promotion, or career opportunity will open the elusive door of happiness and contentment for us. We believe our ability to achieve, learn, and enact will give us meaning, longevity, and glory. Sadly… such beliefs demonstrate we view God as an onlooker.

"The higher view we have of ourselves, the lower the view we have of God. When man can achieve anything God achieves nothing."

But God is not a bystander, He is a participant. Truthfully, God is no mere participant—He is the Director, the Architect, and primary Agent within this life.

When we read through the Prophets—especially Isaiah—we see that God not only knows Israel’s past, but He has planned their future (Is. 48). We see that God promises both punishment (Is. 1) and, then, redemption (Is. 43). We see that God utilizes wicked kingdoms for His purposes but punishes these kingdoms for their wickedness (Is. 10). We see God both warns and calls the nations to Himself in order to refrain from judgment upon these nations (Is. 10-21). Ultimately, we see God promises to bring salvation to a humanity incapable of obtaining it apart from God (Is. 53). The point is clear…GOD IS ACTIVELY AND INTIMATELY INVOLVED WITHIN THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY.

As we roll into the last quarter of 2020, it is not a stretch to say that this year has been a tough one. Our nation is in the midst of a disgusting political war, our society is crumbling under burdens of COVID-19 and the failures of interpersonal relationships, we’ve witnessed natural and un-natural disasters pour havoc upon the world, and we feel completely insecure and unprepared for what’s next. What I’ve noticed about our present situation (and I’m no prophet) is that the church is struggling to maintain a vigilant hope in God. The massive influx of opinion-driven “news” propels the church into a mentality that assumes human effort and leadership is our basis of hope instead of the Lord.

Therefore, allow me to encourage you in this…

No matter how dark our world becomes, our God is neither idle nor unengaged. God alone is in control, and He is moving all of humanity to the exact position He has planned. Just because things feel out of control to us does not mean God has lost control. In this we are able to find hope.

O soul are you weary and troubled?

No light in the darkness you see?

There's light for a look at the Savior

And life more abundant and free.

Turn you eyes upon Jesus

Look full in His wonderful face

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim

In the light of His glory and grace.

I hope this encourages you to seek God and enjoy His presence today!

In Christ,

Pastor Darin